Menšík’s observation tower in Hlína

Opening Hours:
April–September (weekends and holidays): 10-12, 13-17.
October–March (only Sundays): 13-15.

You can get to this new observation tower, which is 22 meters tall, either on foot from Ivančice following the blue hiking trail or along the road. The current observation tower is built not far from the place where the oldest observation tower in Southern Moravia, built in the year 1910, towers over the surrounding forests of the national park Bobrava. During high visibility one can make out the south Moravian limestone cliff Pálava, the border of the White Carpathians and in great conditions, the Alps beyond Vienna.

In Ivančice don’t miss the museum of local countrymen, world renowned painter Alfons Mucha and famous Czech actor Vladimír Menšík.

664 91 Hlína
+420 723 095 552