Visit Kahan and the south west Brno region

Mining and Engineering Attractions
  1.  Mining Tower of the Simson and Jindřich II Mine in Zbýšov
  2.  Industrial Railways Museum in Zbýšov
  3.  Museum of Mining and Power Engineering in Oslavany
  4.  Water-power station Dalešice in Kramolín

Castles, Chateaus and Museums
  5.  Chateau in Rosice and historical trail of the town
  6.  Chateau in Moravský Krumlov with exhibition of the Slav Epic
  7.  Chateau in Náměšt nad Oslavou with educational trail of the town
  8.  Memorial of the Kralice Bible in Kralice
  9.  Museum of A. Mucha a V. Menšík in Ivančice
10.  Chateau Dolní Kounice with night tours of the chateau

Notable ecclesiastical monuments
11.  Ruin of the cloister Rosa Coeli v Dolní Kounice
12.  Romanesque Church of St. Wenceslas in Lukovany
13.  Chapel of St. Florian and Virgin Mary in the shape of Noah´s ark in Příbram na Moravě
14.  Chapel of the Holy Trinity with linden allée and Stations of the Cross in Rosice
15.  Chapel of St. Florián on the hill above Moravský Krumlov
16.  Chapel of St. John the Baptist in Zastávka
17.  Romanesque Church of St. Peter and Paul in Řeznovice
18.  Romanesque Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary in Březník

Observation towers and natural heritage
19.  Menšík’s observation tower in Hlína
20.  Observation tower Babylon at Kramolín
21.  Observation tower and nature park Réna in Ivančice
22.  Serpentine steppes of Mohelnice and valley of Jihlava